First consultation with anamnesis and elaboration of personalised diet plan

The first appointment can take place by a 1:1 online meeting (Skype, Zoom, videocall via WhatsApp) or by filling in a form that I will send you by email. This in-depth consultation allows me to gain an in-depth insight into your specific health and nutrition needs and to consequently design a suitable plan for you.

Before our first consultation or when filling out the form, I will ask you to measure your waist and hip circumferences with a tape measure, as well as your weight and height (I will send you illustrative figures on how to take your measures).
This data will allow me to calculate:


These parameters will help me to determine biotype, % of visceral fat and therefore risk of metabolic and cardiovascular diseases, as well as your basal metabolic rate and recommended daily calorie intake.                        After your consultation (or once you send me the completed form), you will receive the meal plan that I have carefully designed for you, which is supposed to be followed for a month.
The plan will be customised to fit your goals, needs and taste.

The file which you will receive comes with detailed instructions on how to follow the meal plan, complete with a weekly shopping list and recipes designed by me.
I will also forward you a weekly journal template on which I will ask you to report your feedback and feelings about the plan and any exceptions to it, on a weekly basis.
Completing the journal is totally optional, but it is highly recommended since it enables you to gain more awareness of your nutritional journey and daily choices and it also allows me to give you a closer support and to be with you every step along the way.

€ 120

Follow up

Review consultation

Every month, unless you request otherwise, we review and update the plan in order to maximise the achievement of your goals.
The follow up involves a short Skype call in which you update me on how it is going and how you would like to change the plan currently in place, or alternatively, again, filling in a form that you can send me by email. Once I have gathered this information, and based on the weekly journals as well, I will provide to you the reviewed plan to follow for the next month.
Follow-up appointments are crucial to monitor your progress and they enable us to work closely in order to build sustainable changes on the long-term for your health and general well-being, adapting the plan to your current lifestyle from time to time.

€ 85

Couple Package

A base meal plan for both of you to follow and enjoy together (no separate cooking sessions needed!), which I will customise for each one of you to meet your personal goals:

€200 all inclusive first consultation with anamnesis and elaboration of personalised meal plan

€150 follow up

Special Offers!


3 month Package


3 month Couple Package

50% Off

Refer a friend

If you introduce me to a new client for a first consultation, you are entitled to a 50% discount on your next follow up.

* Follow ups must be redeemed within 6 months from the first appointment

Vegan coaching:

Switching to a Vegan lifestyle and how to thrive on a Vegan diet

General consult + introduction kit to a Vegan lifestyle with examples of balanced meal plans and original recipes by me.

€ 120

Plant based recipes and menu development for privates and restaurants

Free initial consultation. An estimate of costs will be given after that and may vary for each circumstance.

SPORT Nutrition KIT

For Young Athletes

KIT will include:

  • Guidelines for sport nutrition
  • Description of Macro and Micronutrients
  • Examples of Meal plans

JUNIOR (age 6-12)

€ 120 Male or Female
€ 170 Male and Female

TEENAGER (age 13-18)

€ 120 Male or Female
€ 170 Male and Female